Queer enough to get over the rainbow.

I only found out about this video and learnt about Mirha-Soleil Ross today. I. just. cannot. believe. that I’m only learning the secret handshake (as she was called) at such a late stage! I haven’t read much at all throughout my life but it is irrelevant to this. Someone should’ve shared this with me in the many years I’ve been an activist. Do you know how many times activists have shared Peter Singer (or whoever else who isn’t worth reading)!!? In 2000, I wasn’t active and later, I didn’t know the right crowd and didn’t have internet access.

Unlike Mirha, I found my own path through struggles, personally or as an ally, and the occasional ostracisation from other activists but I completely agree with her views, and to observe that 12 years after her speech, little to nothing has changed in a so-called radical front is appalling. Values can be acquired through reading (or watching or listening) critically, but just as the material we engage with, ethics can be deduced from any interactions in life, from fact-based information, from struggles and from honest inquiry and reflection. In a world so tainted by pomo, carefulness, honesty and facts matter; and marginalised voices need to be heard.



I want to care but I don’t anymore (pathologically) but I want to care and it’s all that matters, being willing to try my best to care and to act respectfully; so I love the way this post is worded, I don’t know if it was intentional from Khai’s part. I have responsibility and I ask myself to honour it daily as I ask people to honour theirs. The personal is political but I think it’s a 2-way influence in the current systems in which we live. True social change is likely to happen if we do away with legislation completely and change people and minds, but in the meantime we also have to demand that the legislations imposed upon us meet every person’s needs and not vice versa.