anartahr is…

Crip curly creole-speaking open-caged animal who’d be killed if they escape. They’re an Al- Ma’arrist  of colour, with multiple allergies and environmental illnesses.

They hate vegans, racism, casteism, misopedia, misogyny, intersexphobiadisablismoppression  towards WOC, IBPOC (black, indigenous and POC) and economically oppressed folks, marginalised humans & non-human animals. Stop destroying animals, the earth, marine life and the waters!

WP/ Google+ avatar is a pendragon by this talented artist. 

From .

An unrelated but classy tragus peeing from an argan tree.

They related to the extinct Nilgiritragus Capensis.

They legit need to 3D print a cane, send help.

They’re now threatened with extinction in Moris (Dina Robin cka Mauritius).


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