anartahr is…

Crip coolie-descended [in the non-appropriative sense] curly creole-speaking [I’ve been very colonised tho] open-caged animal who’d be killed if they escapes. They’s an Al- Ma’arrist  of colour, with multiple allergies and environmental illnesses.

They hates racism, casteism, misopedia, misogyny, intersexphobia, transphobia, disablismoppression  towards WOC and IBPOC (black, indigenous and POC), economically oppressed folks, marginalised humans & non-human animals.

WP/ Google+ avatar is (their clumsy crip-modification of) a pendragon by this talented artist. 
It’s so amazingly drawn that the face bears a resemblance to them, much like companion animals often look like their humans.


From .

An unrelated tragus peeing from an argan tree unless that’s a lamppost in the distance (is it?)

They’s related to the extinct Nilgiritragus Capensis. They’re extinct on Hoerikwaggo right?

They legit needs to 3D print a cane, send help.

They’s now threatened with extinction in Moris* – blame rich POS, nepotism, Brahminists, many apathetics, privileged men to whom all is permitted, a whole town’s police, the state. This is entirely serious. When they dies, it was slow murder with apathy on top, and they deserves justice but only chosen family & tweeps may care.

*Dina Robin cka Mauritius.


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