This day is hardly bearable

I am worried for Chagossians and my marginalised and disabled friends on Turtle Island, where I never set foot and had never planned to.
Some soothing words:

Get Your People
but they will fail to ally. It has started already, in the disabled community, no less, with the erasure of refugee crises in Africa as well as issues by poor Black disabled folks. White South Africans will come out in numbers to support white USians pleading as if their country has been bombed by the US or Israel for months.

I am sorry white supremacy won again big time. It’s winning even in places I see disappointed whites complaining. Maybe this is how it creates a positive reinforcement so that it wins ultimately.

Let’s not forget another supremacy. Modi fans, the Hindu American Foundation and the like were supporting the election of Donald Trump, I’ve said that a lot in the past months. Simplistically encompassing all POC doesn’t work when it comes to South Asians. Some count as white, it’s not about skin colour.

Just as how Ambedkar put it regarding caste, I realised today that maybe whiteness ‘is a state of mind’, besides being systemic etc. Some mixed-race and allegedly mixed race white South Africans by money (and white privilege) or by birth, are either felicitating a rapist in an elaborate and nauseating and callous manner (when a ‘bravo’ or ‘good luck’ would’ve sufficed to keep one’s level of white privilege if one hangs out with Republicans or whatever the eff; I’ve seen ‘friends’ writing at length about how great this is bc (positive thinking) it brings change and that it will make America great again or others looking at their self-interest or other white interest, first and foremost.

People whom I call alleged mixed-race bc I don’t fucking get how one can analogise anti-disability with anti-blackness then in the end come out and say, “actually most Afrikaaners come from this one Khoisan woman”. Then change it to “actually, one of my parents was a bit darker than other whites”. Then demand intellectual and emotional labour from a disabled brown person to sift through one’s shit when one isn’t even doing that. It’s like the 1/16th First Nations who are not only white passing but pro-white and the only link I could find with one woman was that she sold Native American jewellery.