Dan Savage Offers Bi Women to Straight Dudes

“Here I thought Pride started with three trans women of color [Stormé DeLarverie, Sylvia R. Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson] who’d had enough and started the Stonewall Riots. I thought Pride was about demanding our right to live, not about teaching straight people how to be more quirky.”

Angie's Anti-Theistic Thoughts

Now that I got your attention with a click bait headline (sorry!) let’s talk about Savage. He’s probably best known for his column of terrible advice and his campaign to turn a politician’s name into a product of sodomy. Savage has a history of bi erasure, asexual erasure,  transphobia, transmisogyny, general misogyny, and ableism.  He’s also a popular and successful gay man so he gets invited to do things like be a Grand Marshal of NYC Pride. 


So when I saw that Dan Savage had written out advice for straight guys wanting to attend Pride marches, I knew it was gonna be bad. I just didn’t know it was gonna be this bad.

“Don’t eat the pussy at Pride, it’s not for you…unless it’s bi pussy, in which case, go crazy.”

My how charming. I wonder if Savage will pay the women he’s selling to shitty allies. Somehow I think…

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