Because I Always Thought Zines Were Some White Anarchist Shit: Thoughts on the Commodified Fuckery of Mainstream Media and the Assumptions of What’s Radical

A very important piece I found via Google Search. Author’s “What are we waiting for?” reminds me of when I spoke out on a similar issue with trusted folks, they said the anarchist quietly promoting white privilege and oppressing (me) or downplaying POCs is needed in their respective circles, they couldn’t overtly say something against him. More about this soon.

Opine Season

Chaun Webster Chaun Webster

That’s right, I said what many of us in communities of color who are aware of zines have been thinking for quite some time; it’s some white anarchist shit! Zines, for those who are not in the know, are usually an inexpensive production of print media that can be quite elegant but are often alternative of the cut, paste and copy sort.

They are often seen as a radical space for knowledge production that is subversively undermining the dominant modality of media production.  Zines and zinesters, however, rarely hear the critique of people of color (POC) communities surrounding the assumed maleness and whiteness of this form of media making. Not only is it that those organizing the conferences, at the tables, and of the class privileged positions to own mechanisms of production are too often white and male, it is furthermore that the content of those zines are…

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