Fake interpreter humour: detraction or indicator?

As predicted the ANC had something to do with it, Thamsanqa Dyantyi (Jantjie is pronounced the same way) is in charge of the previously untraceable company reportedly and whether ZAR1.5 million was spent on the memorial service or not, tax-payers paid for this ‘joke’.

Inclusion of South African Sign Language as an official South African language suggested – it would be the 12th official one. Link speaks of Real Interpreter, a website not only in response to the fake interpreter issue.

Al Ma'arrist

[…] in a large hotel. A deaf woman asked directions to the toilets and the concierge looked at her, me and her hearing dog and made the inexplicable decision to lean down and explain the directions to the dog! — Interpreter Annie.

This is funny although the concierge’s behaviour was rooted in ableism. S/he gave the dog directions, not the person asking it but Annie was there to counter the ableism. The laugh is at the expense of the ableist concierge, arguably about his ‘smartness’ but in a that’s-what-ableism-can-do-to-your-brain way perhaps?

I’ve seen one amusing meme (below) among the memes and ‘jokes’ on faketerpreter at Madiba’s memorial, Thamsanqa Dyantyi, the rest is plain offensive (two-fold if anyone buys his schizophrenia claims) and the persistence of the media (French, British, US, SA’s Mail&Guardian – the only coverage I’m able to follow regularly) to stick to a one-sided perspective regarding schizophrenia, criminal…

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