Tom Boy Trans Girl

I stumbled on this great blog by a young transdaughter’s mother today with many posts worth a reblog, or at least a read and a share.


Especially in the beginning, when my child first started insisting she was a “girl with a penis,” people were constantly noticing her “boy behaviors” and pointing them out to me.

My dad told me he had consulted his best buddy, Gary.  Gary and my dad have a ball doing guy stuff together. They spend Saturday mornings going to the dump and digging up stumps.  Gary’s verdict, after watching my 4-year-old for a few minutes:  “That kid’s all boy.” 

If my child were a “real girl” (i.e., one with a vagina), she’d probably be called a “tom boy.”  She’s really physically active, she likes to sword-fight with sticks (so did I, by the way, and no one ever accused me of being a boy), and she loves loud explosions and potty talk (you can listen to her “Poop Rap” by clicking here – I know I’m biased, but the kid’s…

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