Eggs… and Ellen

I discovered this today and if Ellen hadn’t proved to be pathetic for reasons in this post, she would’ve just for her attitude towards women of colour.

Al Ma'arrist

What I find often absent from discussions is the little known fact that laying depletes the hens of calcium and shortens their lifespan, and that if they hadn’t been de-beaked they would crack open their infertile egg themselves to eat it. The easiest or best method of feeding them calcium is to feed their own eggs to them (Peaceful prairie video starts with that in action.) If one has other carnivorous animals to feed who benefit from animal protein (unlike humans) and you decide that is more cost-effective then that’s not a selfish choice but it’s still detrimental to the hen.

Laying hens’ wild cousins lay about 20 eggs a year in the spring, then their bodies get a rest. Nearly all layer hens today have been bred, over many years, to lay up to ten times or more eggs than they would in nature. This takes a…

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