Homotopia and queer realism

Update: This may help with perspective.

On a more serious note… (I’m grateful for others who have covered the topic amazingly well, because I’m short of an arm and a wrist currently): “Queer issues vary, but I think many of us agree that asking the state to recognize our pair-bonds and allowing us to be out while fighting unjust, colonizing wars are not everyone’s first priority. I commit to a political stance against marriage, monogamy, and “I do”-ing my way into a spot in the shrinking middle class.”

“Being queer, at its core, is a question of commitment. My body, in the food it consumes and the drag makeup it wears is marked by gender, sexuality, and my commitment to respecting the subjectivity of humans and non-humans on this planet. Being queer isn’t easy because it takes those extra steps; you can be not-straight, or non gender-conforming, but can you just effortlessly position yourself in a political and phenomenological struggle against society and the state? Can one be simply “gay”, and blend in with the larger society that oppresses the ones who choose not to conform without losing themselves in the shuffle? My answer is no, and it’s why I call myself queer. Being queer is a serious endeavor, and one that comes with specific obligations.” Read the whole entry over at becausewemust.org here Here’s some other resources.


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