I want to care but I don’t anymore (pathologically) but I want to care and it’s all that matters, being willing to try my best to care and to act respectfully; so I love the way this post is worded, I don’t know if it was intentional from Khai’s part. I have responsibility and I ask myself to honour it daily as I ask people to honour theirs. The personal is political but I think it’s a 2-way influence in the current systems in which we live. True social change is likely to happen if we do away with legislation completely and change people and minds, but in the meantime we also have to demand that the legislations imposed upon us meet every person’s needs and not vice versa.



  1. It was intentional. The attempt to care and be respectful means much more to me than always getting it right. I’m sorry you don’t care anymore. I hope you find a way to fall in love with the world all over again. But I also appreciate your willingness to act respectfully 🙂

    • Well, thank-you. I guess it’s an analogy of the caring situation too 🙂 I appreciate the intention more in the light of recent debates where psychopath would be wrongly simplified as one who lacks empathy by smart people. There are many definitions of empathy, in fact, maybe I’m wrong, maybe knowing what it is like to suffer or the intellectual component is enough. Maybe the world is a hard place to love when one meets too many people who abuse their privilege which one lacks but I meet choice-family (as Leslie Feinberg puts it) who make me want to love.

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